Spotify Wraps Up 2017 With This Darkly Comic Salute to Ed Sheeran

Release time:  2017-12-23 Release source:  Tim Nudd author:  ADNose browse:  285

It’s been a strong holiday season for Spotify, which rolled out its fun, data-driven “2018 Goals” billboards, fact-checked the year’s top songs with
The New York Times’ T Brand Studios, and unveiled personalized “2017 Wrapped” experiences for users and artists.

Now, the streaming music service is putting a bow on things with a 30-second TV spot, congratulating Ed Sheeran, its most-streamed artist of 2017.

The amusing 30-second ad stars Ginger Ed Man, a gingerbread man who croons Sheeran’s hit song “Perfect.” As often happens with gingerbread men, however, he doesn’t enjoy a very sweet ending at all.


The ad fits the Spotify brand well. It’s broadly appealing, artist focused and not afraid to be a little juvenile in the interest of having fun. It rolled out in social this week and will break on TV in the U.S. and U.K. next week.

The spot was made by Spotify’s in-house creative agency, along with DLA Films, The Mill and Heard City.