Display Stand is a kind of artistic presentation

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 In the continuous development of the times and the progress of scientific and technological knowledge, once the Display Stands only used to place the goods cabinet, but now has a higher level of a value, it can also be said to become a work of art , Including their own design is more complex than before, people began to design from various aspects of multi-angle, because the industry is now more intense competition, we need to do all aspects of customer satisfaction, we are here to say Said the design of the time need to pay attention to some places.

Display Stands:
Display Stands

1. Display the characteristics of the goods in the cabinet

The shape of the design can be said that there are many kinds, we can choose square, round, can also be triangular, rhinoceros, although there are many kinds of choice, but we can not easily choose, you need to show according to specific circumstances The choice of the cabinet; for example, we have to be a type of jewelry for the design of the product, then we can use the square, so that you can make better use of the space, we can also say that the display of goods determines the design shape.

2. The surrounding environment determines the size of the display cabinet

On the size is also a lot of stress, too bad is too small is also not good, we have a blueprint for drawing blue, it is best to measure in advance to collect some of the location of the data, after all, products After doing it have to be placed outside, need to integrate into the place, so for this point to design, in fact, not only the size and color and other factors need to be taken into account, that is, we said to local conditions. Can not and place the place out of tune.

3. Display Stands design also need to consider the display factors of goods

Space is limited, how to effectively use the limited space is the most important, the goods should be placed in the showcase, we need to put some goods as far as possible in the limited space inside, and also need to highlight the product features, as is the display of goods, if not achieve the purpose of the other all the talk. So we need to consider the design of the product type.
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