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Schweisstec Stuttgart


Holding Time:2019-11-05 to 2019-11-08

공정한 위치 :Messe Stuttgart Messepiazza 1, 70629 Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany


Fair Organizer:Messe Sinsheim GmbH

전시회 개요

Schweisstec is a technological trade fair for all relevant mechanical and thermal bonding and connecting processes as well as for thermal cutting and welding processes. It shows the conventional cutting and welding techniques as well as innovative laser processing and joining techniques in the form of technologies, equipment, machinery, robotics, tools, materials and equipment. The Schweisstec takes place every two years in Stuttgart and forms since 2005 together with the Blechexpo, the international trade fair for sheet metal working, a unique fair association, that is dedicated to both complementary technologies, sheet metal working and joining technology. Due to this fact the entire process chain of cold forming sheet metal working and related mechanical and thermal technology for cutting, joining and bonding is shown, including all relevant technologies, machines, equipments, peripherals, operating aids and C techniques. In that case the complete representation of detail and system solutions for process chains in the manufacturing of sheet metal, profiles and piping components provides practical, while time-saving synergies among trade visitors.

The Schweisstec will take place on 4 days from Tuesday, 05. November to Friday, 08. November 2019 in Stuttgart.

연락처 정보

Tel:+49 (0)7261 6890

Fax:+49 (0)7261 689220

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