While the global economic recovery is still affected by the epidemic, China's import and export volume has continued to grow rapidly, with its total volume exceeding us $6 trillion. Among them, cross-border e-commerce is outstanding. According to customs statistics, the import and export of China's cross-border e-commerce in 2021 will be 1.98 trillion yuan, an increase of 15%, among which the export will be 1.44 trillion yuan, an increase of 24.5%. So, what is the future trend of cross-border e-commerce? The most important black Friday shopping season for cross-border e-commerce at the end of 2021 May be a clue.

Dunhuang analyzed that the cross-border e-commerce consumption of "Black Five Network one" in 2021 presents the following characteristics:

As the end of the year approaches, holiday spending has become a major theme of the black Friday Online Shopping season. In 2021, as vaccination rates rise and social events increase in Europe and the US, families are reviving plans for parties and celebrations, boosting sales. Dunhuang 2021 "Black Five network one" data shows that "wedding dress and dresses" category increased by 565% year on year, "toys and gifts" category of goods also increased by nearly five times; In the secondary category, "cosplay apparel" achieved a more than tenfold increase, fully reflecting the strong holiday effect.


"Home economy" is still a major theme of e-commerce consumption in 2021. Although the outbreak eased slightly in the middle of the year, it rebounded in many parts of Europe by the end of the year, helping to revive demand for related commodities. In 2021, during the period of "Black Five Network one", Dunhuang net achieved 189.8% growth in the category of "home and Garden", and the secondary categories of "game card and software" and "musical instrument", which are closely related to "home economy", all performed well, with a year-on-year growth rate of up to 100 times.

Meanwhile, there are some new trends in cross-border e-commerce worth noting in the just-arrived 2022.

Trend one is that emerging markets become the growth focus of cross-border e-commerce. Traditional markets in the US and Europe showed strong performance, while the Middle East and Eastern Europe achieved rapid growth. According to dunhuang's 2021 "Black Five Network one" promotion data, North American and European markets still occupy the top 10 positions of platform transaction volume. It is worth mentioning that this year's overseas market presents a trend of diversification. Some emerging markets have sprung up and are growing fast. In 2021, the growth rate of Dunhuang's "Black Five Network one" shows that central and Eastern Europe has achieved rapid growth, with Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia and other countries located in eastern Europe all increasing by more than 9 times. Emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa region followed with 853.7 percent growth in the Philippines, 768.3 percent in the United Arab Emirates and 728 percent in South Africa, showing the huge potential of these markets in cross-border e-commerce. E-commerce transactions in Africa are expected to reach $75 billion by 2025. Emerging markets are undoubtedly the next growth focus for cross-border e-commerce.

Trend two is new concept new concept or the birth of new overseas demand. The "metasverse" concept, which will be hot in 2021, has created new consumer demand. 2021 has been dubbed the first year of the "metasexes", as tech giants scramble to get in on the action, driving the popularity of the concept of virtual worlds. This is also reflected in the hot-selling goods of cross-border e-commerce. During the promotion period at the end of the year, the order volume of "VR glasses and accessories" category on Dunhuang increased by 4 times and the sales volume increased by more than 22 times.


In recent years, the problem of global warming has become increasingly serious, with the convening of COP26 climate conference, environmental protection and energy issues increasingly become the focus of attention. During the "Black Five Network One" period in 2021, the sales of solar and wind energy products increased by more than 40 times from the previous month, reflecting the impact of environmental awareness on consumer behavior.

In addition, the "caring economy" is growing strongly as overseas consumers pay more attention to their physical and mental health after the epidemic. In Dunhuang, the category of "sports and fitness products" continues to be hot. During the promotion period, the order volume increased by 4 times and the sales volume increased by 268.8%. Pet ownership relieves stress and improves mental health. This year, "pet products" have been a big hit, with orders and sales doubling.